Anja Jerčič Jakob

Doc. mag. ANJA JERČIČ JAKOB, akad. slik. / MA, Assistant Professor

City gallery Nova Gorica: Paintings 2006 / 2007, 2007

Anja Jerčič. Paintings 2006/2007, City gallery Nova Gorica, Nova Gorica 2007 [razst. kat.] Essay by: Dr. Nadja Zgonik The paintings of Anja Jerčič are becoming increasingly monumental. Their dimensions are growing larger and the plant depicted in them – recently black clover has begun to predominate among other kinds – occupies a central position, dominating

Art gallery Maribor, Razstavni salon Rotovž: Anja Jerčič, Paintings 2003 – 2005, 2006

Essay by: Petra Kapš: Plant as Communication Oversized and naked in front of the human eye, the images of plants are embedded in the paintings. However, they are not exotic and mysterious, which would capture the imagination of the viewer and stimulate their ability of associative interpretation, but the most ‘common’ plants from our environment –